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Mr. Frank Chang

Education & Experiences
MS. of Electrical Engineering, State University of Montana, USA
President, AbicoNet International Co. Ltd
Director and AVP, Taishiba Corporation Co., Ltd


Chief Executive Officer / President, Ability International Co.

Mr. Frankie Hsu

Education & Experiences
MS. of Information Management, State University of New York, USA
Founder of the GrandTech Group
Product Marketing Manager, Acer Sertek Inc.


Corporate Senior VP/ ChiefFinancial Officer

Mr. Eric Hsu

Education & Experiences
MS of Accountancy, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA
Chief Financial Officer, Topology Technology Ltd.


Corporate Senior VP/ GM to GrandTech Taiwan & HK

Mr. Jason Ngoi

Education & Experiences
Bachelor of Science, Campbell University, North Carolina, USA.
Chief Marketing Officer, Pecca Leather SdnBhd, Malaysia
Corporate VP & GM, South Asia, GrandTech Systems


Corporate VP /Sales General Manager, Ability International Co.

Mr. Kan Wan

Education & Experiences
BA of Printing & Engineering , Chinese Culture University Founder of Forta Corp. Ltd.