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Statements of Declaration
Use of Contents in the Web-site of GrandTech C.G. Systems Inc. ("GrandTech") All software, pictures, files and contents in GrandTech's site may be protected by copyrights or sui generis rights. All such contents (unless otherwise stated) shall only be used for browsing. All such copyrighted works belongs to GrandTech shall not be linked, posted, transmitted, amended, copied, stored or published etc. without prior written consent of GrandTech.

Trademark Declaration of GrandTech
are registered trademarks or goodwill of GrandTech. The trademarks have been registered in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea etc.

Disclaimer of Mistaken or Inaccurate Information
GrandTech disclaims all liabilities arising from typographical error and any other inaccurate information. GrandTech has used its best endeavour to ensure that the information provided in this site is accurate; however, errors in one or another are inevitable. Therefore, all information so provided is at "as is" basis without warranty. GrandTech has never expressly or impliedly warranted the contents in GrandTech's site including but not limited to implied warranty as to merchantable quality, suitability of specific purpose or free from infringement of rights. GrandTech reserves all rights to amend all information in relation to goods and services provided in GrandTech's site. In all circumstances, GrandTech disclaims all liabilities to damages caused upon reliance upon the contents of GrandTech's site or any action or omission so relied on directly, indirectly, specifically or incidentally.

Linkage with Other Web-sites
GrandTech cannot supervise or otherwise intervene with the contents in the web-sites linked to this site; therefore, GrandTech disclaims all liabilities or damages and refuses all endorsements to the contents in the web-sites so linked or hyper-linked. The users surf the linked sites at their own risks.

Handling of Advice and Replying to GrandTech
GrandTech has no intention to receive any confidential information through GrandTech's site. Therefore, all advice or information to be sent to GrandTech, including information of reply (such as questions, ideas, advice or any other information) will be treated as public documents. All such communication or information to be sent to GrandTech will be treated as unrestrictive and irrevocable powers for GrandTech to free use, copy, disseminate, open displace all such advice or information unqualifiedly. GrandTech will not bear any obligation to such advice or information and GrandTech will be at liberty to use all such information which may contain ideas, concepts, principles or technology for any purpose including but not limited to using such ideas, concepts, principles or technology for exploitation, manufacturing or sale of products. In this regard, you have no right to claim for compensation or whatsoever from GrandTech.

Regarding Software in GrandTech's Site
All software in GrandTech's site for users' download or use ("the Software") is copyrighted work of GrandTech or its licensor. It is a precedent condition that use of the Software are subject to its licence conditions or any other licence conditions ("the Licence Conditions") which you (or your incorporation) may contract with GrandTech. You (or your incorporation) should read and consent to the Licence Conditions before download or use thereof. Any use of the Software without complying with the Licence Conditions will be prohibited from use, copy, and dissemination or otherwise. For any guarantee to the Software that may be provided in the Licence Conditions are made subject thereto and GrandTech will in no circumstances be held liable to any direct, indirect or derivative damage that may be arisen in contractual, misrepresentation or tortuous claims nor will be held liable to any loss or damage arising from the use thereof.

Tariff and Information
Any tariff or information provided in GrandTech's site may be changed without prior notice, not to mention that such information may be denied in certain regions. GrandTech's site may contain certain technological products, services, or programs that may not be available in your region and such introduction will not imply GrandTech's intention to promote such products, services or program. Moreover, GrandTech's site may also contain such product, service or program undergoing in the planning stage and may not be produced. All marketability dates of future products are estimations only; GrandTech will not guarantee such products will be marketed on time.

Other Company and Its Products
Other companies and products mentioned in GrandTech's site are for information purpose only and, unless otherwise provided or declared, such information is of no endorsement or recommendation by GrandTech. Any licences or guarantees made between other companies and you binds only you and the other company. GrandTech will not assume any liability.

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