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GrandTech C.G. Systems Inc. ("GrandTech") respects your privacy rights; therefore, it is very important for GrandTech to protect your personal data. In order to let you have a safe and enjoyable experience while surfing GrandTech's site, please take a few minutes to go through our privacy policy. In order to let us provide you with our best service, please make sure you fully understand how "GrandTech's Customer Privacy Policy" will handle your personal data.

1.Collection of personal data
Unless otherwise informed, there is no requirement to input any personal data (such as name or email address) for browsing GrandTech's site. GrandTech will not obtain such personal data without first informing the user.
When you require service, place an order, contact us, or join in the activities in GrandTech's site and when GrandTech has to obtain your identification, GrandTech will ask for your information (including your personal data and email address). Upon which, you may decide whether you should continue such activities when your personal data is required. If you decline to provide any personal data, you will not be able to complete the transaction.
GrandTech will collect your personal data into our safe data bank. The purpose of GrandTech's collection and usage of your personal data is for providing you with our superb customer service, the most convenient way to enjoy GrandTech's product and service, prompt information of GrandTech's latest product, news for which you have the interests in, and a wider horizon of service provided by GrandTech.

2.Disclosure of Personal Data
All personal data collected in GrandTech's site will only be used by GrandTech's staff in conformity to the purpose and area upon collection thereof. Unless required by relevant law or prior notice given, GrandTech will not release users' personal data to any third party or for other purposes.

3.Use of Cookie
GrandTech will use a technology called "Cookie" for checking the record of visitors to GrandTech's site. The "Cookie" used by GrandTech will not disclose your personal data. It will help GrandTech in understanding which part of its site is more popular, where the visitors have gone to and how long have the visitors stayed there. GrandTech employs "Cookie" to study the paths in GrandTech's site for improving the same in order to provide a better and more personalised service. Despite the fact that our server will record the locality of users' internet service provider, we do not identify users or check the mode of use for the site.

There may be linkage to other web-sites or web-pages in GrandTech's site or its linked web-sites or web-pages. GrandTech disclaims all liability as to their contents and will not warrant whether or not there will be any privacy policy in the linked web-sites or web-pages.

5.GrandTech may renew this Privacy Declaration from time to time; you are hereby cordially invited to browse this declaration accordingly in order to acknowledge any change hereof.

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