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GrandTech (TPEx:6123) delivered NT$80M record Net Profit Before Tax in Q4,

 EPS before tax of NT$1.42, YoY 21% 

Released By GrandTech Issued On:2018/01/17
Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.  Jan. 18th, 2018 — GrandTech (TPEx: 6123) today reported financial results on its fourth quarter of fiscal year 2017
Fourth Quarter Fiscal Year 2017 Financial Highlights

•    Record Quarterly Net Profit Before Tax of NT$80M, 22% YoY growth and 47% YoY growth if FY 2017 disposed businesses and new M&A units are all excluded from the base.
•    Operating Profit of NT69.7M, second quarterly highest in the record but new record on Operating Profit at 6.6% in last six years.
•    EPS before tax at NT$1.42, YoY 21% growth, a quarterly record high in last six years.
•    EPS before tax at NT$4.22 for fiscal year 2017, second highest in the history.
•    Consolidated revenue of NT$4.23B in fiscal year 2017, YoY of -21% due to disposed business coupled with the strengthened Taiwan dollars.
GrandTech quoted, continued with momentum from previous quarters, Q4 generated stably in profit contribution despite the impact from strengthened Taiwan dollars. Both Operating Profit and Net Profit before tax in Q4 delivered strong YoY growth. Earnings Per Share before tax at NT$1.42 despite the bonus shares issued in 2017. Strong profit contribution came from CCSB (Creative & Cloud Services Business Group) & DDP(Dynamic Digital Printing Business Group) at both Taiwan and overseas subsidiaries.

Capitalising on the rich experiences in SaaS and years of regional infrastructure setup, GrandTech has marched into the journey of GrandTech 2.0. One of its aggressive move was, recently announced investment of new entity, GrandTech Cloud Services, focuses on the explosive growth in the borderless cloud space opportunities.

GrandTech has evolved strategically into a company with diversified business groups for sustainable and scalable growth, and remain focus on increasing value-added solutions and services to the borderless market.  And continuous efforts on M&A expects to deliver stronger growth that delivering greater return to the shareholders.


FY2017 Financial results (consolidated):
項目 2017
Growth Rate %
2017 Q4
(recent disposed businesses & M&A excluded)
2016 Q4
(recent disposed businesses & M&A)
Growth Rate %
Operation Profit (NT$ Thousands)69,72968,5272%69,72956,28924%
Income Before Tax (NT$ Thousands)79,96965,71122%79,96954,27247%
EPS Before Tax(NT$)1.421.1721%1.420.9746%
 Note: Q4 of FY2017 financial result is unaudited consolidated account.